two mistakes

Bill_A_Nussbaumer at ms.bd.com Bill_A_Nussbaumer at ms.bd.com
Fri Feb 16 14:56:07 EST 2001

Discussion?  It seems you're just having a discussion with yourself that
you want everyone else to hear.

You seem to be asserting that:

1.  The presence of water is proof of life.


2.  In order for there to be life there must be water.

The first is quite unscientific, and the second, narrow minded.  Regarding
the place of philosophy verses speculation in this "discussion".  Pulled
from Webster's dictionary are the definition of both:

     spec-u-late - To meditate on a subject, reflect.  To engage in a
course of reasoning often based on inconclusive evidence.

     phi-los-o-phy - Inquiry into the nature of things based on logical
reasoning rather than empirical methods.

The great difference between the two would be what?  Philosophy is
speculation without any evidence?  Philosophy and speculation lead to
hypothesis which leads to experimentation which leads to more philosophy
and speculation.

To take a quote from your own post -

"You look like if you'd need a colony of martian bac on your desk to begin to
think on the possibility of martian life."

First you criticize for bringing philosophy into the "discussion" and then you criticize the notion of needing experimental evidence.

I realize that this is a worldwide forum and sometimes translation from one
person's language to another can skew meaning, but your posts just come off
as rude.

Hope you find what you're looking for,

Bill (Hooked by a Troll) Nussbaumer

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Please, don't think only in graphical arguments; planet geology shows that
is so posible that Mars could have water long time ago. It's orbit, solar
activity, planet size, mass, etc, looks like a planet which MAYBE had a
consisstent atmosfear. And, (please, read carefully) this is the theme
I tryed to discuss: if we supposed that time ago was life on Mars, were
would be rests of that life today? And, to answer this, you should to know
little bit more about planet geo history, to aply your great mic knowledge.
You look like if you'd need a colony of martian bac on your desk to begin
think on the possibility of martian life.

Please, if you can't apport anything interesting to this discussion (which
think is beggining to be finished :) ), don't post here, and mail me if you
want to talk about some other aspects.

Nice to read you.                            * Albano *


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