Richard Oeffner roeffner at csusm.edu
Wed Feb 14 12:19:47 EST 2001

Actually, it seems that some stromalites are up to 3.5 x109  years 
old...that seems to be around the time of the percieved orgin of life on 
this planet.  That would make them at least of some interest to the 
study of the orgins of life.

Richard Oeffner
Cal State San Marcos

Albano Neira Navarro wrote:

>    I don't think stromatolites are important to understand the origin of
> life on Earth. They are yet some kind of advanced cells, so they appeared
> time after the primogenic cell, and more time after the first
> autoreplicatives molecules.
>    About what stromatolites are: maybe a geologist could explain it to you
> better, 'cause they are not alive individuals, they are (as the same word
> say) fossil entities produced by the biological activity of great colonies.
>         No more. See you!                        * Albano *

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