Cloning human beings?

John de Rivaz longevityrpt at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 11 11:55:37 EST 2001

> Cloning full human beings. Well, I personally would not like to have a
> of myself.

neither would I.

I see the process as little different to having a child with the physical
characteristics of a twin, but the mental characteristics would be quite
different due to the time displacement and different upbringing.

Of course all the scare mongering has a highly distasteful purpose - it
delays research into stem cell technology that can cure many unpleasant and
serious diseases. By delaying the research hundreds or maybe even thousands
of people die horrible deaths before they could benefit from what could well
be simple painless treatments.

Sincerely, John de Rivaz
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"Janu" <janubas at yahoo.com> wrote in message
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> Cloning full human beings. Well, I personally would not like to have a
> of myself.
> "Colin A. B. Davidson" schrieb:
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> > > The Cloning World
> > >
> > > In February 1997, when the results of the successfully cloned sheep
> > > named Dolly was published, the public interest in the cloning world
> > > definitively aroused. This revolutionary technology yields lots of
> > > benefits, but also ethical dilemmas.
> > >
> > > More at: http://welcome.to/scientific_cage
> > >
> > > Question: Do you think human cloning should be allowed?
> >
> > Define the question in terms of reproductive cloning (or otherwise).
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