Cloning human beings?

Janu janubas at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 7 15:52:53 EST 2001

>So, would you care to rephrase your question to ;
>Do you think human cloning, including that of human embryos for research
>into the treatment of fatal diseases, should be allowed?

Your question was my question. Here my answer:

Well, in my opinion every technology, which could help us to fight diseases,
should be allowed. Cloning is just one more innovative technology with great
potential and therefore I think we should allow research in this area. However,
there are other more reliable technologies at present. The cloning technology
still need improvements. As the Dolly-experiment showed, in order to make one
clone several attempts have to be done (277 were needed for Dolly). This is
simply too much. I believe that if enough developments are made in the cloning
technology, it might become a useful and important tool in the fight against
diseases. Now it is certainly to early to clone human beings, we should first
concentrate on animals.


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