culture medium for sulfate reducing bacteria

Milton milton_pace at my-deja.com
Wed Feb 7 09:09:24 EST 2001

I havent come across suplhate reducing bacteria before but I do a deal
of work with sulphite reducing bacteria which are anaerobic.

Are sulphate reducers anaerobic ? I m interested to know. If so
perhapes a modified iron sulphite medium may be of use to you.

Best Milton

In article <3G%f6.95137$Wa6.2075171 at zwoll1.home.nl>,
  "tegs" <tegs at home.nl> wrote:
> hello,
> i hope someone can help me,
> i need the defined culture medium for
> sulfate reducing bacteria for a project in the
> first year of my biology study. i looked on the net
> for a few hours but i found nothing but commercial
> biotechnological sites. i thought that someone here
> could help me out? I need to know the chemical
> substances to form the medium and the quantity..
> thanks i really appreciate it!

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