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Thank you for your support Jakku.  One thing I want to point out is that
in no way I believe cell counting or microbiology is simple.  I work in a
hospital and see the equipment - highly technical.  When a person has no
other alternatives - they can only dive in and try to learn.  Judy
indicated that I should get a second opinion - It will be the same.  I
have access to the hospital library and their success rate is poor.  A
person will find a doctor who will prescribe antibiotics, but the
statistics shows little permanent results.  The reason is the prostate
seems to be resilent to antibiotics.  I did some research on accupuncture
and herbal medicine- some of it posted on PUBMED.  They do seem to get
better results than western medicine.  Why not try---.  John wrote that
their lab does two procedures - one on the urine and the other on EPS.  I
think Johns lab is very thorough - my physician only looked at the EPS.
I might be able to get access to a good microscope or purchase one used.
I have only heard of the word Ayurveda medicine.  I live in Portland, OR
USA where this type of treatment is essentially no where to be seen.
Right now I am concentrating on the chinese arts of healing.  If this
gives little to no results - I will be looking into this next.   Jakku-
could a person purchase the hard equipment (microscope, grids, ect. ) on
sites like EBAY - to reduce the costs.  I have a book/catalog called
Fisher Scientific - a book about 3 inches thick and is full of lab
supples.  I talked with the company/dist. - he indicated he would sell me
supplies. Do you think my ability to do this myself is limited- even with
the help of people in the field.   Randy

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> DEar Dr, Dilworth
>      I am also a microbiologist.  Sometimes a few well placed needles can
> really do wonders.  AFter all it is just not some art, but a very ancient
> medical practice practiced by the Chinese over centuries.  We too have a
> similar 3000 year old medical practice called Ayurveda which is practised
> widely in Kerala (a southern state of India), where they treat nearly
> impossible and incurable diseases and cure it, when western medical science
> has failed to do so.  This is not just some tribal medicine. Acupuncture is
> one such ancient science.  Ever heard of the first surgeon in the world, he
> was a practitioner of ayurveda, sometime before the birth of christ.
> Moreover acupuncture and ayurveda does not treat the symptoms or the disease
> as such as is common in western medicine, rather they use natural herbs and
> natural forces to tune and help the body fight the disease and cure it by
> itself.  So there are no side effects and the cure is permanent. You would
> be surprised to know that most people in kerala prefer ayurveda over western
> medicine, even thought eh literacy percentage is 100% and the state has the
> healthiest population in India. I do recomend that Randy seek a acupuncture
> experts help, or if she needs further help she can try out a little ayurveda
> at Kottakal in kerala.:-))  I may be able to help here.
>       But as Dr. Dilworth says, making WBC counts by your self is not an
> easy job.  You can get the help of some practiced microbiologist, say in a
> university or research lab.  I don't see why they should not do it.  don't
> worry randy... we are all here for you. If you really want to do it
> yourself.. I can try to getyou some information.  But you really require a
> lot of costly laboratory facilities for that.
>     bye
> with luv
> jakku
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> > Personally, I'd bite the bullet and return to my urologist.  Microbiology
> is not
> > something you do "off-the-cuff" nor is cell counting.  We all went to
> school a
> > long time to do this stuff.
> >
> > Perhaps you might seek a second opinion of a second urologist, especially
> if "live
> > with it" seems too final.  I personally don't know anything about chronic
> > prostatis, and cannot understand how a few well-placed needles will lower
> a white
> > cell count.  Maybe my background in medicine is just too Western.
> >
> > Good luck.
> >
> > Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)
> > Microbiology 26 years
> >
> > kuriyama at my-deja.com wrote:
> >
> > > John- The condition is chronic prostatitis.  Prostatic fluid is examined
> > > for total white cell count.  I have gone to a urologist who has done the
> > > testing.  He indicated I have a total white cell count of 20-25 - he
> > > indicated that it should be less than 5 - preferrably 0.  He indicated
> it
> > > is bacterial.  Antibiotics are not recommended due to the problems of
> > > antibiotics getting within the prostate - essentially he indicated I
> must
> > > live with it.  I went to a oriental physician (acupuncture/herbal).  She
> > > is doing treatment, but it is difficult to determin how well we are
> > > accomplishing our goal - she asked me if I can get another total white
> > > count of the prostatic fluid.  The only way that this can be done is by
> > > doing it myself.  There are two articles in PUBMED concerning oriental
> > > medicine and chronic prostatitis - one on acupuncture and the other is a
> > > chinese herbal called 8-ingredient pill - these treatments have had
> > > some success.  This is the only microbiology I ever plan to get involved
> > > with - forced by necessity - I am just asking for some guidance-  Randy
> > >
> >
> >
> >
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