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DEar Dr, Dilworth
     I am also a microbiologist.  Sometimes a few well placed needles can
really do wonders.  AFter all it is just not some art, but a very ancient
medical practice practiced by the Chinese over centuries.  We too have a
similar 3000 year old medical practice called Ayurveda which is practised
widely in Kerala (a southern state of India), where they treat nearly
impossible and incurable diseases and cure it, when western medical science
has failed to do so.  This is not just some tribal medicine. Acupuncture is
one such ancient science.  Ever heard of the first surgeon in the world, he
was a practitioner of ayurveda, sometime before the birth of christ.
Moreover acupuncture and ayurveda does not treat the symptoms or the disease
as such as is common in western medicine, rather they use natural herbs and
natural forces to tune and help the body fight the disease and cure it by
itself.  So there are no side effects and the cure is permanent. You would
be surprised to know that most people in kerala prefer ayurveda over western
medicine, even thought eh literacy percentage is 100% and the state has the
healthiest population in India. I do recomend that Randy seek a acupuncture
experts help, or if she needs further help she can try out a little ayurveda
at Kottakal in kerala.:-))  I may be able to help here.
      But as Dr. Dilworth says, making WBC counts by your self is not an
easy job.  You can get the help of some practiced microbiologist, say in a
university or research lab.  I don't see why they should not do it.  don't
worry randy... we are all here for you. If you really want to do it
yourself.. I can try to getyou some information.  But you really require a
lot of costly laboratory facilities for that.
with luv

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> Personally, I'd bite the bullet and return to my urologist.  Microbiology
is not
> something you do "off-the-cuff" nor is cell counting.  We all went to
school a
> long time to do this stuff.
> Perhaps you might seek a second opinion of a second urologist, especially
if "live
> with it" seems too final.  I personally don't know anything about chronic
> prostatis, and cannot understand how a few well-placed needles will lower
a white
> cell count.  Maybe my background in medicine is just too Western.
> Good luck.
> Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)
> Microbiology 26 years
> kuriyama at my-deja.com wrote:
> > John- The condition is chronic prostatitis.  Prostatic fluid is examined
> > for total white cell count.  I have gone to a urologist who has done the
> > testing.  He indicated I have a total white cell count of 20-25 - he
> > indicated that it should be less than 5 - preferrably 0.  He indicated
> > is bacterial.  Antibiotics are not recommended due to the problems of
> > antibiotics getting within the prostate - essentially he indicated I
> > live with it.  I went to a oriental physician (acupuncture/herbal).  She
> > is doing treatment, but it is difficult to determin how well we are
> > accomplishing our goal - she asked me if I can get another total white
> > count of the prostatic fluid.  The only way that this can be done is by
> > doing it myself.  There are two articles in PUBMED concerning oriental
> > medicine and chronic prostatitis - one on acupuncture and the other is a
> > chinese herbal called 8-ingredient pill - these treatments have had
> > some success.  This is the only microbiology I ever plan to get involved
> > with - forced by necessity - I am just asking for some guidance-  Randy
> >


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