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John- The condition is chronic prostatitis.  Prostatic fluid is examined
for total white cell count.  I have gone to a urologist who has done the
testing.  He indicated I have a total white cell count of 20-25 - he
indicated that it should be less than 5 - preferrably 0.  He indicated it
is bacterial.  Antibiotics are not recommended due to the problems of
antibiotics getting within the prostate - essentially he indicated I must
live with it.  I went to a oriental physician (acupuncture/herbal).  She
is doing treatment, but it is difficult to determin how well we are
accomplishing our goal - she asked me if I can get another total white
count of the prostatic fluid.  The only way that this can be done is by
doing it myself.  There are two articles in PUBMED concerning oriental
medicine and chronic prostatitis - one on acupuncture and the other is a
chinese herbal called 8-ingredient pill - these treatments have had
some success.  This is the only microbiology I ever plan to get involved
with - forced by necessity - I am just asking for some guidance-  Randy

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> First of all WBC's in a fluid are there for a reason and THAT has to be
> figured out before you try to get rid of the WBCs. If there is an infection
> trying to reduce the WBCs without getting rid of the infection can turn into
> a life threatening situation. Exactly what kind of "fluid" are we talking
> about, and what kind of WBC count? There are many body fluids some of which
> are considered sterile and should not have a significant WBC count - note
> the word "significant". Another thing to consider is what kind of WBC you
> are talking about - there are several and the different ones respond to
> different kinds of situations.
> I think you are getting into a dangerous situation in trying to do this home
> therapy. To set up a home lab for someone who doesn't know the basics would
> be far too complicated to explain the process and the very expensive
> equipment needed. A "Neubauer" chamber goes for over $100 and is fragile -
> you always need a spare. A good microscope to discern cellular differences
> costs thousands of $$. Stains may be restricted because of chemical hazards
> and can't be bought at the local pharmacy.
> Sorry, but I'm not going to try to explain the procedure. Pseudo science and
> pseudo medicine is a danger to all.
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> > I need help in figuring out the total white cell
> > count in a fluid.  I have access to a microscope
> > and can purchase the rest of the supplies.  It is a
> > long story about why I cannot go through a good
> > lab, but here is a brief explanation - I am doing
> > alternative therapies to lower the total white cell
> > count down (not in blood-this is not a life
> > threating situation).  I do know it is high.  Can
> > anyone explain the procedure for determining total
> > white cell count, as well as  what kind of slide
> > covers to purchase, stain, grids, ect. needed for
> > this situation. Thank you- Randy
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