Pattern of microbiologist deaths?

Thomas Keske tkeske at mediaone.net
Wed Dec 26 21:26:25 EST 2001

> Still lost in your paranoid fantasies.
> Do look on the bright side, Tom.  Even if true, a person as ignorant of
> as you will awlaus be safe.
> There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
> Than are dreamt of in your philosophy

Dr. Don Wiley's own friends and colleagues were first to express
disbelief  that he committed suicide, not me.   His wallet was still in his
pocket when his corpse floated up 320 miles downstream, so that would
tend to rule robbery as a motive.

If not suicide, or robbery, then what?   It seems legitimate to imagine that
terrorists might want to put a dent in American research, if nothing else.
I've noticed Arab websites alleging biowar assaults by the U.S.
in Iraq, etc.   Certainly, they would have interest at least in hampering
"defensive" biowar research.  How clever of you to be so unconcerned.

If they were trying to terrorize American researchers, they obviously
failed, because too many microbiologists are too clueless to take a
hint that something might be amiss.   Almost as clueless as the Pentagon's
lack of plans to deal with aerial assault, which I had also criticized
quite explicitly, a month before it happened.   It was obvious enough that
the earlier crash of a small plane on the White House lawn might foreshadow
worse things.   You'll have to explain to me why supposedly intelligent
experts were asleep at the wheel and missed a danger that was obvious to
an ordinary civilian.   On second thought, don't bother, because you
are as as dull and lacking in insight as they were.

But you should be safe also, because you are probably too washed
up and untalented ever to make a significant contribution to American
research.  They would be wasting resources to bother hurling you
off a bridge, unless they simply got impatient and wanted to
stop your insufferable prattling.

Peace be with you.   May the times be interesting and
the show be ever more entertaining.

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