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Pattern of microbiologist deaths?

Bill_A_Nussbaumer at bd.com Bill_A_Nussbaumer at bd.com
Wed Dec 19 11:48:38 EST 2001

I can't say you're right or wrong in your contention regarding contaminated
vaccines.  It's not my area, I don't know enough about it to make a
judgment.  But I can say with the utmost certainty that you're wrong when
you contend that neither I nor others in the group care.  We do care.  If
what you say is true I would very much want punishment for those

All I can ask is why I should give more credence to your said atrocities
than of the other tens of thousands of atrocities that occur all over the
world?  I've been told by hundreds of people (whether it be through media
channels, internet groups, or in person) that because I turn a blind eye to
an evil that they passionately feel is corrupting the world, I'm as guilty
as the perpetrators.  Under that definition there is not a single person of
the six billion populating this planet who are innocent of multiple
atrocities.  I include you in this group.  I'm sure individuals in the U.S.
government have committed more crimes and atrocities than just the one
you're trying to prove.  I'm sure some have come to justice while others
have died free men and women.  I'm sure I struggle with the fact that I'm a
good German and don't know it.  Be as self righteous as you want, I'd
contend you're no different.

I hate to say it, but the reason I personally don't follow up on your
accusations and then take up arms along side you is because "it's not my
job".  Yes, in one simple sentence I just carelessly relieved myself of
responsibility for the whole damn thing.  As you say, this makes me a good
German.  I'm just going to have to live with that as it relates to many
more things than just your HIV issue.  What it also tells me is that the
reason these posts are falling on deaf ears lies in large part because
you're talking to the wrong people.  I'm going to stop writing and go back
to my foolish and futile work where I'm blindly led to think that I can
help diagnose and cure human disease.

I know that my opinion makes no difference to you but I felt compelled to

- Bill

BTW.  A search for the term "you turn a blind eye" in Google groups turns
up over 80,000 hits.  I apologize for any use of sarcasm in my reply, I've
tried to avoid it, but your use of "name calling" incites emotional


When I say the people on this newsgroup are Good Germans,
they cannot be expected to understand that they really are Good Germans.
Of course you feel that the characterization is totally absurd.  The
supporters would react no differently, if someone tried patiently,
in depth and detail, to explain to them why they are utter jackasses.

You are self-centered, complacent bigots who couldn't really care less if
the U.S. government attempted to exterminate gays with contaminated
You deny it because that relieves you of responsibility, it preserves your
good name.

You have yet to confront what your country really is, and what it really
did.   The evidence is clear enough that you could see if it you wanted,
but you do not want.   You ought to see that Buchanan is a raving
lunatic, and a country that makes him such a big name has
very, very serious problems.   Why, then, is it so hard to imagine a
country doing something so ugly as to contaminate vaccines?

Why were they so "concerned" to cure hepatitis in gay men, that
they recruited *way* more men than what they needed, on
any real statistical basis?   Why were they so concerned about hepatitis,
then not caring the less about AIDS?

There are a few microbiologists who admited to me, in private, that
I was right, and that it was "obvious" that the vaccines were contaminated.
Yet, what one says is "obvious", the rest of you say is ridiculous.  What
am I to think of the discrepancy?

You could see the truth, if you wanted.  You are liars, living in denial.
You are brainwashees.   You are silent Good Germans.  Almost
by definition, you could never believe it about yourselves.



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