Pattern of microbiologist deaths?

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Wed Dec 19 10:35:33 EST 2001

I would have to disagree with the idea that a microbiology newsgroup isn't
an appropriate place for news related to microbiology.  And to selectively
choose to allow news based on whether or not you agree with the content
would be wrong.  Now whether or not Tom's posts are truely news or belong
in alt.silly.conspiracies might be debatable.

- Bill

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Thomas Keske wrote:

>>You are truly a pathetic person. A newsgroup does not mean we discuss
>>general news in here. And absolutely not silly conspiracy theories from
>>a demented brain. We discuss questions regarding microbiology. And you
>>are insensitive bringing up tragic events regarding our colleges and
> Incidents relating to the fate of microbiologists is not "general
> news", it is news related to microbiology.

Well, this newsgroup is not for "news _related_ to microbiology", but a
discussion forum for the field of science called microbiology itself.
You can take your silly theories to alt.silly.conspiracies or something
where you'll find people in your state of "mind" (or whatever it is you
have). This is a strict academic forum, we don't discuss ridiculous
coincidence theories from demented minds. If you have any questions
about, say, bacteria, we will be of help, but I think I speak for all of
us when I say that we are not interested in adressing this theory you
are only "passing on".

Trond Erik Vee Aune


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