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Pattern of microbiologist deaths?

Thomas Keske tkeske at mediaone.net
Tue Dec 18 22:29:07 EST 2001

> You listened to Pat Buchanan?  Huh ... I guess someone must be.

Oh, so no one in their right mind would listen to Buchanan, and
everybody knows that, so its all my fault for not being discerning
enough to realize that intelligent folks wouldn't take him seriously?

You miss the point.  Yes, I know that no one in their right minds
would take the crackpot seriously.  Yet, that is what this
f**king country did, every day.   Buchanan was one of the President's
men.  He got his start under Nixon.  He worked for Reagan.
He has a cozy relation with the mainstream media, and is a syndicated
columnist appearing in newspapers all over the country.

The large numbers of jackasses who make someone like Buchanan
a power broker in America don't know that they jackasses, even
if you can see that.

When I say the people on this newsgroup are Good Germans,
they cannot be expected to understand that they really are Good Germans.
Of course you feel that the characterization is totally absurd.  The
supporters would react no differently, if someone tried patiently,
in depth and detail, to explain to them why they are utter jackasses.

You are self-centered, complacent bigots who couldn't really care less if
the U.S. government attempted to exterminate gays with contaminated
You deny it because that relieves you of responsibility, it preserves your
good name.

You have yet to confront what your country really is, and what it really
did.   The evidence is clear enough that you could see if it you wanted,
but you do not want.   You ought to see that Buchanan is a raving
lunatic, and a country that makes him such a big name has
very, very serious problems.   Why, then, is it so hard to imagine a
country doing something so ugly as to contaminate vaccines?

Why were they so "concerned" to cure hepatitis in gay men, that
they recruited *way* more men than what they needed, on
any real statistical basis?   Why were they so concerned about hepatitis,
then not caring the less about AIDS?

There are a few microbiologists who admited to me, in private, that
I was right, and that it was "obvious" that the vaccines were contaminated.
Yet, what one says is "obvious", the rest of you say is ridiculous.  What
am I to think of the discrepancy?

You could see the truth, if you wanted.  You are liars, living in denial.
You are brainwashees.   You are silent Good Germans.  Almost
by definition, you could never believe it about yourselves.

May your pain never end until you change your attitudes.  So far,
you have only a taste of what would be proportional.

Tom Keske

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