Pattern of microbiologist deaths?

Thomas Keske tkeske at mediaone.net
Tue Dec 18 22:03:43 EST 2001

> You are truly a pathetic person. A newsgroup does not mean we discuss
> general news in here. And absolutely not silly conspiracy theories from
> a demented brain. We discuss questions regarding microbiology. And you
> are insensitive bringing up tragic events regarding our colleges and
> friends.

Incidents relating to the fate of microbiologists is not "general
news", it is news related to microbiology.

The "conspiracy theory" isn't mine- I'm just passing on someone
else's article.   The news reports from the mainstream papers are
interesting, and suggest a possible pattern.  It is possibly just
to be sure, but is possibly pattern as well.   The "theories" that I saw
on some of the web site links, relating to religious themes, are not
that I buy, at all.   It is the news from the mainstream papers that is

> Your rant about gay people and how they've been discriminated was so
> idiotic there is really no need to comment on it.

Spoken like a good German scientist.   It is the gross bigotry that I have
seen so often among the hyenas on this newsgroup that make me not
care much if I am "insensitive" to you.   I think that you are smug
and apathetic.

> Please refrain from posting to this newsgroup in the future unless you
> adhere to its policies.

Sorry, I will post forever, from time to time.  I am not posting because
I like your company.   The contempt is completely mutual.
 I post because someone needs to say the things that you don't like to hear.

Smug, irresponsible bastards in your profession, in all probability,
sparked an AIDS epidemic, killing tens of millions of people.  The
stonewalling and denial over this legitimate possibility is why I resent
the group so bitterly.   Your pain is insignificant to what your cohorts
have unleashed on the world.   It doesn't surprise me at all that
people like Gallo have had the trouble that they have had, as in
the incident that he related, where a student threatened him.

This incident that Gallo related is all the more reason that the
"conspiracy" theory is not "silly".  There is precedent.  I noted
also that the family of Dr. Wiley remarked how there were
a "lot of kooks", and this was a worry.

The "witch cult" certainly is a bunch of delusional kooks.
The student who supposedly threatened Gallo, I don't think
is merely a "kook", but someone who probably knew a bit
more than the general public concerning how suspicious the
history and research of Gallo really was.

I don't condone attacks on suspicious scientists, but I
certainly can understand the context for such things.  I would
prefer to see a number of well-known researchers under
criminal investigation.    The unlikelihood of any serious
investigation whatsoever is probably why vigilantism
might be in the air.

Tom Keske

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