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Pattern of microbiologist deaths?

Paul Taylor p.taylor7 at pgrad.unimelb.edu.au
Sun Dec 16 23:24:52 EST 2001

Two points

1. As a scientist, I know how easy it is to draw together complemetary facts
and suggest theories based on these. As someone posting to a presumably
scientific group, you should be aware of this as well.

2. Anyone with an ounce of humanity would at least be a slightly aware that
in all of these cases someone has DIED, and be aware of what this actually
means.  Possibly I have reacted too emotionally as a scientist, but that is
secondary to my reaction as a person.

Perhaps expecting an expression of concern or maybe even sympathy about
these incidents is too much to expect from someone like yourself.

>> Working in science means that you are exposed to dangers. I am offended at
>> your absolute insensitivity towards the families of people like Set.  This
>> happened less than a week ago, and the entire Australian scientific
>> community is still dealing with the implications.
> I am just forwarding an article that I received, but I don't believe that
> it is insensitive.  The mainstream press has also theorized about some
> of these incidents, and the FBI has been quite interested- a
> "conspiracy theory" of their own, about terrorist involvement.
> There are lots of strange things going on, these days, in case you
> hadn't noticed- anthrax letters, etc, which makes a pattern like this
> something to raise an eyebrow, not to avoid discussion.
> As a scientist, you react too emotionally, and ought to be more
> objective about the possiblities.   The possiblities of cults and
> terrorists are reasonable enough.
>> I question the value of your contributions to anything microbiological,
> and
>> ask in future, you display some level of respect for the people you are
>> dragging into your conspiracy theories. If you are trying to convince
> people
>> of your beliefs, try a more gullible and less discerning newsgroup, and
>> leave this sort of hyperbole to the X-Files and 60 MINUTES.
> You lump "60 Minutes" in with "X-Files"?   The 60 Minutes show does
> some credible investigative work, from time to time.   The hyperbole
> appears to be yours.  If the group is "discerning", it would be interested
> in hearing about these multiple incidents, regardless of what the ultimate
> explanation for them might be.
> I can imagine how a "Unibomber" type of anti-technology cult
> might be unfortunately inspired by a lengthy legacy of irresponsible
> experimentation, profiteering, arrogance, censorship,
> human guinea pigs, coverups, etc.     Perhaps the string of nasty
> coincidences is a product of a kind of "bad karma".  You can call
> that speculation "insensitive" too, but it happens to be a fair
> characterization and legitimate possibility, so there is no reason
> to refrain from stating it.
> Sincerely, Tom Keske


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