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Tue Dec 11 23:45:00 EST 2001

On Wed, 12 Dec 2001 04:06:34 GMT, "OrganicDisco" <rock at roll.com>

>I read a paper where the researchers suggest that the insertion of
>transposons are random and that the extensive recovery of cells with
>insertion of transposons in the intergenic regions is due to the fact that
>many of these regions are non-essential.

Transposons vary. Some insert randomly, some have some or much

>1) I am trying to think of an experiment that would support the hypothesis
>that no transposon insertions were identified in an essential gene (ie a
>gene involved in protein translocaion) because cells harboring these
>insertions are not viable, rather than that the transposon has preferred
>regions it inserts into...Have any ideas?

provide a duplication, eg on a plasmid. If transpositions  now occur
in the gene, allowed by there being a duplicate available for
function, that would be good support.

You might also look to see whether insertions in tRNA genes are mainly
in those known to not be essential.

>2) How about a follow-up experiment that could be preformed to identify
>virulence factors?

huh? relevance? pls elaborate.


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