Permiscuous plasmid needed

michael michael at farheap.com
Thu Aug 30 20:41:24 EST 2001

Hi All,

I am doing a crude experiment in adaptation of wild strains of
non-pathogenic bacteria to a variety of nutrient depleted
environemnts. I am looking for a plasmid that will promote a high rate
of recombination and mutation in an unknown variety of bacterial
species without lowering their fitness too badly. I do not need any
selectable markers or particular restriction sites. But a plasmid that
makes a few (and only a few) copies of itself and has a strong
tendency to insert into the genome is desirable. High transmission
speed is not necessary, but ability to infect a large variety of
bacteria is desirable.

Also, since I am going to be using bacteria sampled from the
environment, are there any proceedures anyone would reccomend to
protect my cultures against phages or will this not likely to be a


Direct Replies to michael at farheap.com appreciated.

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