detection of small differences in dna fragment sizes

Mr JN Goulding jgouldin at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Thu Aug 16 09:54:23 EST 2001

If you want to use agarose then Metaphor (or Metaphor XR if thats still
being made). I've used that to differentiate fragments a few bases
apart. It's made by (I think) FMC, although there are a few other agaroses
that say they can do it (Metaphor is the only one I've used). It's not
very easy to use, more fiddly than ordinary agarose, but I did have
success with it when I used it. From memory i think the manual suggested
it could detect a 2bp difference (though I wouldn't swear to it- I was
using it for fragments more than 4bp apart).

Otherwise use acrylamide gels. 

Hope that helps,


On Thu, 16 Aug 2001, Nicole Baumert wrote:

> Hallo!
> Does anyone know a good and reproducable method for the detection of small
> differences (1-10 basepairs) in dna fragment sizes? e.g. a special agarose
> and/ or a protocol.
> Thanks, Nicole

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