Designer Diseases?

Marko Gogala mgogala at iskon.hr
Wed Aug 15 11:16:24 EST 2001

but it's still posible to construct a virus that would attack people with
genetic differences,like racial,national,sexual...,maybe even eye
color.Besides,one of the several genes that encode eye color can be used,the
one that codes the difference.
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> But you've just reinforced my argument. These viruses can affect a whole
> species - mice and not other rodents. A human pathogen would then infect
> humans and not other primates.
> I think the "appearance genes" (such as eye color) are probably coded by
> several different genes making the viruses job much harder.
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> > Bacteria wouldn't work with blue-eyed people,because bacteria ren't very
> > much affected by genetic differences that small.A virus is a completly
> > different thing.It is possible to construct a virus that iserts it's
> > between the eye-color genome and it's neighbour and could only do that
> > the eye-color genome coded blue eyes.This is already being done,but not
> > people.Viruses that kill rats or myce,but don't affect other roden'ts
> > been constructed.

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