A way of measuring bacterial activity? Ideas?

Jordi Saldo jordi.saldo at uab.es
Tue Aug 14 09:20:33 EST 2001

En/Na Halogen ha escrit:

> Basically I have an undergraduate project to test this new idea for a
> bioreactor.
> Does anyone know a simple way of quantitatively measuring a product produced
> by bacteria without resorting to using equipment like HPLC?
> [...]
> Any other ideas?  I'm really looking for a bacteria I can easy assay a
> metabolic product of using a colour reaction and a spectrophotometer, but I
> can't seem to find a way to do this anywhere.

I've never try to perform experiments for undergrad. students in biotechnology.
However, I think that a lactic acid production by lactic acid bacteria can be
easilly followed using only a pH-meter. The yoghourt production is an example of
that. If you prefer a agitated reactor and you are not restricted to bacteria,
why not try a fermentation by yeasts. Wine making or brewing can be easilly
done. You can follow in detail the alcohol production using a HPLC, but in low
detail is possible to follow the decrease in density or the volume of gas
produced, as a function of time.

Jordi Saldo

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