Designer Diseases?

John Gentile yjgent at home.com
Fri Aug 10 20:36:07 EST 2001

Sounds like another superior race type thing! The problem with bacterial
diseases is that there is only 1 human species - so the bacteria will infect
both the target and the attacker.

It's ideas like this that send the anti science groups to riot!

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> From: whuffman at aol.com (Wordly Huffman)
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> Date: 7 Aug 2001 15:46:54 -0000
> Subject: Designer Diseases?
> As somebody whose science knowledge comes from reading Popular Science
> magazine and an occasional newspaper, it's my impression that
> biologists can now root around in the dna of a cell, snipping bits out
> and inserting other bits, pretty much like editing a text file with a
> word processor.
> Have things gotten to the point where biologists can change a
> bacterium or virus so that it will become active only if certain
> characteristics exist in the host? So that, for example, if somebody
> wanted to diminish the number of blue-eyed people, he could alter some
> deadly disease so that it did its work only in blue-eyed people?
> If the state of the art isn't that far advanced, how soon will it be?
> If it can be done now, what kind of resources does it take: those of a
> rogue state? a terrorist group? a single mad scientist?

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