website help needed for antibody design

Scott Coutts scott.coutts at med.monash.edu.au
Wed Aug 8 06:09:53 EST 2001

There's a GCG program called 'antigenic' that you might be able to use,
if you have access to it. I think it can be found on BioNavigator
(www.bionavigator.com). This is a pay-per-use service, but I think you
get some free time on it before you have to pay. I suppose it depends on
how many times you need to use it!

Anyhow, from the instruction manual:

  "Antigenic looks for  potential antigenic  regions using the method 
   of Kolaskar".


   Kolaskar, AS and Tongaonkar, PC (1990). A semi-empirical method 
   for prediction  of  antigenic  determinants on  protein  
   antigens. FEBS Letters 276, 172-174.

   Parker, JMR, Guo, D and Hodges, RS (1986). Biochemistry 25

"R. Jayakumar" wrote:
> Dear Friends
>      I have a problem. Is there a website that one can go to to find out or
> select the best small region of a
> given protein (as epitope) to be used in the prep of an antibody.  This is
> very urgent.   Any help would be gratefully acknowledged.
> Jayakumar
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