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Lesley Robertson l.a.robertson at tnw.tudelft.nl
Wed Aug 8 03:27:10 EST 2001

"martin weiss" <weissm at mail.rockefeller.edu> wrote in message
> I'd like to build an exhibition to show roots and their symbionts. I
> think I can exhibit them in a Plexiglass fronted box. However, what I
> need is some advice on what plants would be best to illustrate on a
> macro level the relationship between the roots and the fungi.
> Replies to mweiss at nyhal;lsci.org, please.

I have root nodules on display in the collection I curate - they're in
tall(ish) glass jars full of alcohol (put there in the 1880s and 1890s by
Beijerinck) - see this section
http://www.beijerinck.bt.tudelft.nl/nodules/index.html  of my collection's
web site. The roots in the pic come from a member of the pea family that was
called Vicia faba in Beijerinck's time - it might have changed by now. Of
course, this is all bacterial symbiosis, and maybe not what you want. When I
set up a display for the public, I include the relevant paintings from the
collection plus photos from the electron microscope.
Lesley Robertson
Curator, Delft School of Microbiology Archives.

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