fetching a lysogen phage

Dominic-Luc Webb molmed domweb at mbox.ki.se
Tue Aug 7 15:32:52 EST 2001

Has anyone tried to fetch a phage from a
commercial lysogen like Novagen BL21(DE3)
E coli (T7 RNApol)?

For that matter, has anyone tried to fetch
the pLysS (plasmid??) giving the lysozyme
and chloramphenicol resistance from the
BL21(DE3)pLysS strain?

I had occasion to do the above recently
and the latter (pLysS), at least, was a
failure, just growing and doing a miniprep.
No plasmid could be found at all.

I could see that maybe the lysogen will not
ever make a complete new phage again, but I
am not sure what happened to the vector for
lysogen and chloramphenicol that it can't
be fetched from a miniprep.

Any ideas?



North 59 37' 30"
East  17 48' 10"

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