Travel Awards for 9th International Conference on Microbial Genomes

Anthony V Palumbo palumboav at ornl.gov
Fri Aug 3 08:48:18 EST 2001

The organizing committee would like to announce the 9th International
Conference on Microbial Genomes to be held on October 27-November 1,
2001, at the Park Vista Hotel (tentative), Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  The
website for the conference
is now available:


To facilitate broad participation, the U.S. Department of Energy is
sponsoring Travel Awards
                         for attendance at the 9th International
Conference on Microbial Genomes for students,
                         postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty
members. This award will not cover all costs, and
                         applicants are urged to seek additional funding
from their home institutions. Details are available
                        on the web site.

This will be the ninth conference in a series of meetings on microbial
functional genomics. The Conference on Microbial Genomes originated in
1992 and was last held in Lake Arrowhead, California, 2000.

This conference will primarily focus on recent advances in functional
genomics, as well as DNA sequencing and sequence comparative analysis.
The conference will especially emphasize studies (1) exploring genome
sequence information to understand various biological processes through
experiments and (2) defining gene functions and regulatory networks. We
hope the conference will help in identifying research gaps, problems,
challenges, and trends in microbial genomics from the viewpoints of
genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, physiology, and ecology.

This meeting is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (other
sponsors pending), and there will be partial support for attendance for
a limited numbers of students, postdoctoral associates, and junior
faculty. This program will allow the conference to contribute to the
training of the next generation of genomic scientists.

This meeting will feature invited talks and contributed posters.

Meeting Topics will include:

I.      Microbial genome diversity, evolution and microbial genome
II.     Bioinformatics and microarray-based genomic technologies
III.    Proteomics, cellular pathways, and regulatory networks
IV.     Functional genomics of microbial pathogens
V.      Functional genomics of bioremediation and carbon management
VI.     Functional genomics of model microorganisms, extremophiles and
VII.    Applied functional genomics

Organizing Committee:
Dr. Jizhong Zhou, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Chair
Dr. Jeffrey H. Miller, University of California at Los Angeles, Co-Chair

Dr. George Weinstock, University of Texas Medical School at Houston
Dr. Monica Riley, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole
Dr. Elisabeth Raleigh, New England Biolabs Inc.
Dr. Terry Gaasterland, Rockfeller University

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Kim Smith
(smithky at ornl.gov) or Dr. Jizhong Zhou (zhouj at ornl.gov).

Thank you.

Jizhong Zhou for the organizing committee.

Joe (Jizhong) Zhou, Ph.D
Science Leader for  Microbial Genomics and Ecology Group
Environmental Sciences  Division
Building 1505, Room 376
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, TN 37831
Tel: 865-576-7544
Fax: 865-576-8646
e-mail: zhouj at ornl.gov

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