Identify a fuel-eating fungus/bug?

Nicholas Landau njl2q at virginia.edu
Mon Apr 30 15:54:23 EST 2001

I think there is a good chapter on hydrocarbon degrading microbes in

L. Y. and C. E. Cerniglia Microbial transformation and degradation of
toxic organic chemicals. John Wiley & Sons: New York, New York.

sam.ross at dsto.defence.gov.auANTISPAM wrote:
> Dear Netter Nutters,
> Several years ago, a microbiologist showed me a large conical flask
>  containing half diesel fuel and half water - at the interface,
> there was growing a large fungus that looked a bit like a faded
> brown moth-eaten sponge.  It was fascinating.  This gentleman
> kept his fungus as a 'pet', but when he retired he took his pet
> with him.  I'm keen to identify what sort of fungus it might have
> been.  Could anyone enlighten me, or point me at any information
> on fungi or other microbes that live happily in
> water-contaminated petrochemical fuel? (The library here has a
> dearth of micro text, these days).
> Sam Ross (jealous biochemist who doesn't have a microbiological pet)
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