Cloning for spinal research.

Brian zhil at online.no
Sat Apr 28 22:08:03 EST 2001

"Michael Flood" <mflood at cybertrails.com> skrev i melding
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> Robert Clark wrote:
> > Many embryos are already made and discarded in in vitro fertilization.
> If the liberal left right-to-lifer's find out about that, they may want
> to put a stop to in vitro fertilization. They might say it's wrong to be
> discarding all those human beings. There really are people who think
> like that and they would put the welfare of a weeks old embryo above the
> potential cure for spinal cord injury every time.
> Wasn't it recently in the news that umbilical cords discarded from
> birthings had stem cells in the blood? That may be a politically safer
> source than dealing with embryos.

Why care for what political nut-cases might say or wish ?
Science is the thirst for knowledge, and should never be restricted because
of the liberal lemmings.
Yeah, those kind of people, looking over their shoulders to make sure
following the 'main'-stream.........


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