Cloning for spinal research.

Larry Farrell farrlarr at isu.edu
Fri Apr 27 11:04:13 EST 2001

Michael Flood wrote:

> Robert Clark wrote:
> > Many embryos are already made and discarded in in vitro fertilization.
> If the liberal left right-to-lifer's find out about that, they may want
> to put a stop to in vitro fertilization. They might say it's wrong to be
> discarding all those human beings. There really are people who think
> like that and they would put the welfare of a weeks old embryo above the
> potential cure for spinal cord injury every time.
> Wasn't it recently in the news that umbilical cords discarded from
> birthings had stem cells in the blood? That may be a politically safer
> source than dealing with embryos.

I don't know many "liberal left right-to-lifers."  All of those that I know,
and most of those addressed in the media are "fundamentalist conservative
right-to-lifers" while those on the left are usually identified as "liberal
left right-to-choicers."

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