Looking for a culture?

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NRRL (http://nrrl.ncaur.usda.gov/) has it:

Methylobacterium mesophilicum (Austin and Goodfellow 1979) Green and
Bousfield 1983
Synonym: Pseudomonas mesophilica

NRRL B-14246 (Type strain)
Accession No in other collection(s): B-14246=A47, Austin=ATCC 29983=DSM 1708
Isolated from (substrate): leaf, Loliium perenne

Or, request a sample from a researcher publishing work with the particular
strain you are interested in (particularly in ASM journals).

Good luck!


Marlene DeMers <mdemers at sunstroke.sdsu.edu> wrote in message
> Does anyone know where I can get an inexpensive strain of?:
> Methylobacterium mesophilicum (Gram negative rod)
> FYI: ATCC is 185 dollars and Presque Isle does not have it
> Thanks in advance for any help you can give me and the Microbiology
> who needs it,
> Marlene
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