Nicholas Landau njl2q at virginia.edu
Fri Apr 20 19:09:58 EST 2001

Start by going to your local university's library and find the Merck
Index. This book has short descriptions of lots and lots of chemicals.
It also has bibliographic citations for them, so that you can learn more.

You have chosen a challenging project for a high school student! My hat
is off to you.

Nick Landau, Ph.D.

Robert Ziman wrote:
> Hi,
> I urgently need any information whatsoever about the chemical hydroquinolone
> for a research project I am doing for a high school chemistry class. If
> anyone has any information about this, besides the fact that it's part of
> the herb uva ursi (commonly called bearberry), which is where I got this
> from, please send me a reply ASAP.
> Thank you for your time,
> Robert

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