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Hans Beernink hbeernin at zoo.uvm.edu
Sun Apr 15 17:45:57 EST 2001

Check out www.labvelocity.com.  Register with promotional code "HT01" and
they'll send you a free t-shirt.

Products, protocols and research tools all in one place- all for free.

LabVelocity.com is a free informational web site for life-science
investigators.  In order to help promote their site to scientists, they'll
give you a free t-shirt just for registering .   LabVelocity.com, is the
first free web site to provide a comprehensive resource to address the
informational needs of the life science research community. Recent
proliferation of life science Web sites has in many ways made information
gathering for the scientist more confusing, not less. While there are now
myriad of online sources for information, each provides only a piece of
life science puzzle, and none contain all of the information scientists
to plan experiments.

www.LabVelocity.com provides the following resources for the scientific
investigator (all are free):

-- Product descriptions and online catalogs from your favorite companies.
Parametric searching and comparison of all products!

-- Literature Search Agent: search MEDLINE automatically for keywords you
specify- when new articles are published, you'll get an email alert.

-- Protocols- tested experimental methods for biochemistry, cytology,
immunology, and more.  All in PDF format for easy printing.

-- Tools and Tables: A storehouse of technical science information.
calculators, recipes, physical properties, and much more.

-- News:  keep up to date in scientific and general news.  Customize your
news page

-- Lab Manager: organize and save your information- create custom lab
of protocols, frequently ordered items, news items and publications.

LabVelocity is a free, non-E-commerce site that serves as a single-site
resource for information.  An extensive electronic database from a wide
variety of vendors of scientific equipment, supplies, and services is
uniquely searchable by exact product attributes; generating comparison
tables of equivalent products from multiple vendors. In addition, a
PDF-formatted library of scientific techniques and protocols, technical
information, interactive software calculators, MEDLINE
literature access, and daily scientific news feeds are offered at no cost
the scientist.  Upon (free) registration, many personalized features
active, including pricing information, password-protected storage of
information within the LabManager tool, the ability to set up unlimited
Literature Search Agents to report new articles upon all MEDLINE updates,
and receipt of LabNotes; a monthly electronic alert of new articles, site
developments, and features.

Check the web site out at www.labvelocity.com
If you go there and register, use "HT01" as the promotional code and they
will mail you a free T-shirt.

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