lacZ gene

j.wallis j.wallis at ntlworld.com
Sun Apr 15 11:30:20 EST 2001

Hi, I'm new to this NG and I hope someone can help me with a problem I'm
having. I have to answer the below question for a lab writeup:

"The lacZ gene has been exploited heavily in genetic enginerring techniques
because it is easy to assay both qualitavely and quantitively. Describe two
of these uses"

For the first reason I talked about the importance of lacZ as a reporter
gene, and how it can be assayed by growing the recombinants on MM Xgal.
However I'm stuck for a second reason. A friend suggested it could be used
as a tool to construct gene fusions. I've looked in textbooks and on the net
for information about these without any success, and was wondering if anyone
could help me out. Any good textbooks or websites would be useful, bearing
in mind I'm only a first year undergrad!

Thanks in advance.

Jamie (University of Nottingham, England)

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