inflammatory response

Frederic Langlois ye.midget.pirates.deleted.my.account at the.seven.seas
Thu Apr 12 10:57:12 EST 2001

Hello! I'd like to know what triggers the inflammatory response when a
bacteria infects an host. I'm trying to figure out the order the host and
the immune system respond.

Which system is triggered first? Is it the alternative complement pathway? I
know the coagulation, the kinins and the fibrinolysis enzymes are involved.
How do they interact with each other?

I'm writing a popularized scientific paper (20 pages) on anti-bacterial
immunity. From this point of view I should consider the complement as the
first system to ring the alarm when infection occurs, right?

The 23 manuals I've read so far are all describing each individual
sub-system of the host's response to infection, but none of them clearly
answered these questions.


Frederic Langlois

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