Dcm- Rec F- strain & Interesting adresses

Dr. Duncan Clark news at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Thu Apr 12 03:27:52 EST 2001

In article <3AD4184F.2C462327 at cmm.ki.se>, the eminent Eric DUFOUR at
>For the Dcm methylation system in E. coli, i'm sure it exists. Here is the
>copy of a catalog information about it :

All standard E.coli K12 strains are dam+dcm+. Marinus produced some of
the first dam- dcm- strains and I would hazard a guess that all
subsequent dam- and dcm- derivatives available were produced at one time
or another from his strains.

Find a New England Biolabs catalogue and have a look in the appendix.
Lots of info. On dam, dcm, mrr, mcrAB etc.

GM2929 is available from the CGSC http://cgsc.biology.yale.edu

Homogeneous Fluorescent Reporting Systems for Real-Time Quantitative PCR: 

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