LCx vs. ProbeTec

Sak sak at execpc.dot.com
Wed Apr 4 20:04:46 EST 2001

I am looking for some input from anyone that uses the BD ProbeTec for
their GC/Chamydia testing.

Especially helpful would be if you made a change from LCx to ProbeTec
or if a Tecan pipettor was added to your LCx operation and the

Our lab performs about 175-200 patients (350-400 total tests) per day.
We currently use LCx with 5 analyzers and 6 thermal cyclers.

We have a ProbeTec for evaluation purposes and I am ready to switch.

Abbott wants to give us a Tecan to alleviate the pipetting, but that
does not help with all the other front end work required for LCx. I
won't even go into the other problems with LCx as anyone that has done
it knows its problems.

Abbott throwing an expensive piece of equipment our way has made my
lab manager balk at switching. I have spoken with one lab that stayed
with LCx when Abbott gave them a Tecan and another that made the
switch to ProbeTec from LCx.

Any opinions about either system from you other clinical micro people
would help. And please don't even mention Tigris. I bet Q4 2002 before
the automated version is available.

Thanks in advance,

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