lysogenic phage plaques

bo bo at morgat.udg.es
Wed Apr 4 04:07:49 EST 2001


I have a  question concerning different plaque morphology coming from
lysogenic bacteriophages.

In a standard plaque assay for the quantification of a lambda phage lysate,
the plaques formed after an overnight incubation appear as circles with a
clear center and a turbid periphery where grow of lysogenic bacteria is
clearly visible. In turn, when the plaque assay is performed with P22 phage,
plaques appear with a turbid center (growth of lysogens) and a clear
periphery. Does anibody know the reason of these differences in plaque

Thanks in advance!

Carles Borrego
Microbiology Section, Institute of Aquatic Ecology
University of Girona
Campus de Montilivi, E-17071, Girona (Spain)

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