zone of inhibition

lamb l.a.m.buisman at chello.nl
Mon Apr 2 14:09:20 EST 2001

You reckon it's about bacteria then?
Oooh.......  did I spoil it?

John Gentile <yjgent at home.com> wrote:
>I would add a few more terms like susceptibility, sensitivity and
>resistance. And she must answer the first question - Why is this test set up
>in the first place?
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>> In article <3AC76B69.56462E74 at isu.edu>, Larry Farrell <farrlarr at isu.edu>
>> writes:
>>> Although I will again probably be accused of being the newsgroup curmudgeon,
>>> I
>>> think it is worth reminding everyone that this group does not exist to
>>> complete
>>> homework assignments for *any* student.  Students should note that their
>>> first
>>> resource should be the library, and whatever they turn in for a class should
>>> reflect their own effort.
>> Oh, can I please give her two words and let her write the other 99 defining
>> the
>> each of the words? Please? How about bacteriostatic and bacteriocidal? Surely
>> this isn't doing homework if she writes the other 198, is it? 

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