zone of inhibition

Prssnblu prssnblu at aol.commoncolor
Sun Apr 1 19:33:27 EST 2001

In article <3AC76B69.56462E74 at isu.edu>, Larry Farrell <farrlarr at isu.edu>

>Although I will again probably be accused of being the newsgroup curmudgeon,
>think it is worth reminding everyone that this group does not exist to
>homework assignments for *any* student.  Students should note that their
>resource should be the library, and whatever they turn in for a class should
>reflect their own effort.

Oh, can I please give her two words and let her write the other 99 defining the
each of the words? Please? How about bacteriostatic and bacteriocidal? Surely
this isn't doing homework if she writes the other 198, is it? 

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