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Patrick Druggan Patrick.Druggan at btinternet.com
Sat Sep 30 13:37:42 EST 2000

Peter's right. The following is as true a story as any can be.

When I left uni after 4 years, I hated science - no irony intended.

So I bummed around for a year working on a production line, went to Spain
for a while, worked as a furniture remover, and then I got a job teaching
English in Peru. My dream of being another angst-ridden poet was finally
coming true.

I was suppossed to fly out to Lima on the 31st December, so in the run up to
Christmas I arranged a going-away party with all my frinds form uni. This is
the point where the Shinning Path Guerillas (SPG) make a greater contibution
to my choice of career than any adviser could. I got a telegramme on
Christmas Eve to say that the institute had been burned down by the SPG,
Western Imperialism blah! blah! blah! At the end they said they would get in
touch in six months time. So I had six months to kill.

I applied for a job as a temp to cover maternity leave in an R&D
microbiology group. At the interview I was asked what I could contribute to
the R&D group, to which I replied 'NOTHING' as I was just out of uni - I got
the job! It is now 15 years later and I still work in R&D as a
microbiologist. What I get paid reasonably well for is not the degree I did,
but for the unique knowledge I've gained through experience.

I have since learned that angst-ridden poets do not get a pension plan, and
get paid less than Lynne : )

The moral of this story is that you should take the job that allows you to
pick up the most marketable skills in the first two years, then start
looking for the money.

I do not encourage anyone on this newsgroup to help your career along in the
way that the SPG helped mine - remember children, FIRE KILLS! : )

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