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Sat Sep 30 07:23:34 EST 2000

Jane, I recommend throwing away any old stains and buying some new ones -
they are not expensive.

Okay malachite green oxalate is used in selective media for the isolation of
Salmonella - unless you intend to make some Rappaport-Vassiliadis broth they
send this for disposal (obtain the correct UN code before sending it for

Malachite green base (free base?) can be converted into malachite green
regular (?) by adding equimolar amounts of hydrochloric acid. That is
provided that the 'regular' you use is the chloride salt, and that the base
is the free base.

If you need more help, you've got the address. Pd.

"jane allen" <jallen at iwl.net> wrote in message
news:39D2970A.DD3C59D7 at iwl.net...
> I have 3 differenet types of malachite.  Malachite base, malachite
> oxalate and the regular malachite that I always use for making stain.
> Can I use the other two forms for making stain and, if so, can I have
> the directions please.  These came to my department from an old med tech
> lab at our college and I whould like to use them if it's possible.
> Thanks in advance.
> Jane Allen

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