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"R. Jayakumar" wrote:

> hi..
> that is a nice question.   Actually, unlike what they show in the movies,
> being a molecular biologist is a daily struggle to make both ends meet,
> whether it be in a DNA strand or life (no pun intended).  But research
> probably is one of the most poorly paid fields anywhere in the world and the
> most contributing to human development.  Funny eh? Salary also depends on
> what sort of work you do.  If you slog away 16 hours a day as a doctorate
> student, you get probably a pitiance which will just about cover your room
> rent and food.  If you are a bit more higher up in the scale, say you work 8
> hours a day as a research associate or something like that, you get paid
> better. If you are a real scientist, like professor with so many students
> and RAs under y ou, you are paid royally and of course you need not even be
> in the lab.  :-))  Salary is inversely proportional to the amount of work
> you do in this field.
>    cheerio
> jayakumar

Now I know why Im paid so little
cheers Lynn

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> > I realize that their are many factors involved in this question, but what
> is
> > an 'average' salary one might expect with a masters degree in molecular
> > biotech. doing research or related?
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