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>I realize that their are many factors involved in this question, but what is
>an 'average' salary one might expect with a masters degree in molecular
>biotech. doing research or related?
Perhaps you are asking the wrong question.

If you ALREADY are receiving job offers or have a job offer, your question
is one that you need an answer to.

If you are starting a career, are in school, and want to know what salaries
are like for people who complete an MS in molecular biotech, that is a 
different question from the one you posed.

Find out what  the job market is really like?

Where are the jobs?

Are they within 100 miles of where you  live?  

Near where you want to live?

Are jobs plentiful or do you  have to send out 300 resumes and contact
40 headhunters before you get one interview.

Before you worry about salary, find out if there is a real and vibrant
employment market for folks with your particular degree and your particular
skill set.

One way to do this is to ask senior grad. students in your department what
their future plans (not dreams) are.

Ask your professors what employment their former graduate students have
found (ask with respect to students who have graduated during the past 
5 years).

If the answers are not satisfactory, consider going into another field.

Don't just jump into a graduate program, or complete one, because it seems
like a good idea.  Find out first if there is a job market awaiting you
on completion of your degree.

With regard to salary, lots depends on where you live, the nature of your
employer (academia, industry, clinic-hospital). Expect anything from
just barely above minimum wage to 40 K on up; though the mode will be
somewhere near the low end unless you happen to have some unusual qualification
and live near a bee-hive of biotech activity.

For more info, I suggest you visit  sci.research.careers.

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