newbie question

Peter Noverini rdvarc at ameritech.net
Fri Sep 29 15:19:27 EST 2000

Dear newbie. ;)
    Well, let's ask first...
        1.  Are you just out of college, or have several years experience?
A harsh reality for some graduate students is that even a doctorate will not
replace years of experience in the field; especially if the student wants to
be a supervisor or manager.

        2.  As a rule, startup companies and consultants offer comparatively
higher salaries, but at the cost of risk or travel.  I was being paid very
well for a research scientist at my last job right up until the time the
company went belly-up. =(

        In general though, an entry level job at your level may earn your
from the high forties to low sixties, and that may vary to whatever the cost
of living is relative to your company, as well as the factors I listed
above.  ASnd of course, I may be completely off, but that ahs been my
experience so far.


Danny White wrote in message ...
>I realize that their are many factors involved in this question, but what
>an 'average' salary one might expect with a masters degree in molecular
>biotech. doing research or related?

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