Aardvarc rdvarc at ameritech.net
Thu Sep 28 17:19:18 EST 2000

This is true; I remember joking around with my fisher rep... "and we need 20
cases of TSA plates from 'BifcoL.'"  Tee-hee.  In all seriousness, these
three companies are collectively called "BD" and I beleive are working over
the span of several years of changing all the specific brand names over to
the "BD" brand.

-Pete Noverini

Patrick Druggan wrote in message <8r0bge$deh$1 at uranium.btinternet.com>...
>Becton Dickinson own Difco and BBL. Fisher is a distributer.
>"Richard Oeffner" <roeffner at csusm.edu> wrote in message
>news:39D37296.8F932BE7 at csusm.edu...
>> Difco is now owned by Fisher Scientific, and they also have
>> Products. You can look at www.fishersci.com, and they have an online
>> They also carry BBL products I think.

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