Job Prospects.

Richard Oeffner roeffner at csusm.edu
Tue Sep 26 17:00:46 EST 2000


Try asm.org, they have some job listings. I had my resume on Monster for a
while, and did get a couple of calls. I also applied for anything listed in
the paper that was even remotely associated with biology, and did get several

I also contacted several temp companies that specialized in the biotech field,
but that never panned out. Try your local area for such things, some employers
will hire temps to check out people and get jobs eventually.

I actually got a job through one of my professors, from another professor who
needed a micro tech for natural products research.

It may be a long road, but there are jobs out there.

Richard Oeffner
Cal State San Marcos

Riddler wrote:

> My wife has a Bachelors in Microbiology from a university in India.
> I wanted to know what type of job can a person get with her knowledge. Are
> there any websites which cater for people with Microbiology background.
> thanks,
> Ashok

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