Caffeine stock

Derek Law dlaw at idgplc.com
Tue Sep 26 09:40:10 EST 2000

Simple, the molecular weight of caffeine is 194.2. A 1mM solution should
therefore contain 0.194g of caffeine per litre, 2mM should contain 0.388g/L
and 5mM should contain 0.971g/L. There should be no problems with solubility
at these concentrations. Obviously the amounts can be scaled down if

Derek Law


Microbiologist <abc at def.com> wrote in message
news:8qq7ev$2vv5$1 at ulysses.noc.ntua.gr...
> I wonder if you could tell me how to create a caffeine stock of the
> following concentrations:
> 1 mM, 2mM, 5mM
> Thanks in advance!

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