studying microbiology

Richard Oeffner roeffner at csusm.edu
Mon Sep 25 16:41:32 EST 2000


A lot of that sort of info depends on what ou want to do in Microbiology. there
are many different facets of this science, and it depends on who is doing what
at each university.

As for clasical microbiology, I went to SDSU and was very pleased with the
classes offered. Unfortunately, most of the micro classes are being merged with
molecular biology classes, so the number of courses is dwindling.

If you want to get into medical micro, you need a college that has both general
and pathogenic micro.  I know in CA, to get a job with the state in the micro
field you need to have a course in pathogenic bacteria, which a lot of colleges
don't offer any longer.

I hope this was at least helpful in some way, but he field is very broad and
the possibilities are endless. (I work at a college for a chemistry prof
researching natural products (i.e. antibiotics) from marine sources)

Richard Oeffner
Cal State San Marcos

John Miller wrote:

> I am hoping to study microbiology at uni in Sept 2001, I would be very
> grateful if anyone could give me a few pointers on which uni is the best to
> study microbiology at, or which has the best record in this area

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