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You really don't understand what you are trying to do. The greatest environmental catastrophe that occurred on this plant was caused by the photosynthetic bacteria. It changed the atmosphere of the planet and led to mass extinctions. 

Addmittedly, the generation of an oxygen atmosphere had its benefits to some species, and I sit here writing this because of that catastrophe.

I cannot think of one situation where a species of bacteria has become exinct through the actions of humanity. I can't think of one situation where humanity has created a super-bug. 

Antibiotics have been used from before the time the insects took to the air. Bacteria and moulds have fought continual wars from them, and we have used some of these weapons therapeutically.

To methacillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) the use of methicillin in clinical therapy means nothing more than another challenge from the environment. The species will go on unthinkingly when the patient dies, to reproduce beyond the end of humanity.

The problem you have is that you think on a human scale. The bacteria live at the infinately (?) small. They already have the mechanisms to clean up any mess we might make. 

It would be difficult to find enough information to write about microbiology from your perspective - microbiology is almost life from waste.

If you want to discuss this more you have the address. Pd. 
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