student microbiology consultant in Indiana

Yjgent yjgent at aol.com
Tue Sep 19 22:19:27 EST 2000

>We are looking for a consultant ( student is fine ) in the microbiology
>located in or near Fort Wayne Indiana. We are setting up a new company
>called GermX.com which will become the next Terminix for pathogens in
>offices and residences.  We need help in setting up our labs.

What "pathogens" are you trying to look for? Is there some kind of epidemic
going on that the CDC or WHO doesn't know about?

It sounds like you are trying to cash in on the public's irrational fear of all
"germs". As Sodbuster stated you are probably going to go into a place and bomb
it with all kinds of toxic chemicals (natural or otherwize) and reassure the
tenants that they are now safe from any infectious disease. But the first
breath will start to replace the bacterial level to normal.

We live in a bacterial world and you can't fight it! We can't live in a sterile
environment and we shouldn't try. It will be more of a hazard to our health.
Treat infections as they occur, wash hands wash hands wash hands, don't eat raw
or undercooked meat or fish, wash hands wash hands wash hands.
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Microbiologists do it with culture.

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