student microbiology consultant in Indiana

Sodbuster uome at tamu.edu
Tue Sep 19 14:37:22 EST 2000

In article <K6wx5.50593$Qx4.1831559 at news1.rdc1.il.home.com>, 
mawhelchel at home.com says...
>We are looking for a consultant ( student is fine ) in the microbiology area
>located in or near Fort Wayne Indiana. We are setting up a new company
>called GermX.com which will become the next Terminix for pathogens in
>offices and residences.  We need help in setting up our labs.
>Michael Whelchel
>800-359-5043 (fax)

If you are serious about your business and don't want to lose your investment,
to say nothing about becoming trapped in the potential liability issues 
inherent in a business such as you described, GET REAL HELP.

Dilworth's comments are right on.  You probably need some help with
clinical micro; environmental micro; and TOXICOLOGY, as surely the agents
you will use for 'decontamination' will be either toxic to humans, animals,
or the environment.

Me thinks you are getting in over your head.

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