Mutation and Sorbitol *******a

Susanne Rohrer "srohrer(removethis)" at immv.unizh.ch
Mon Sep 4 06:09:48 EST 2000

> I labelled the vector(pRA90)with dig-oxygenine(DIG) and digested the
> Total DNA of the strain completely.I performed the gel electrophoresis
> of the digested DNA and made a southern blot using standard nylon
> membrane procured from Boehringer Manheim.I have doing such types of
> DNA-DNA hybridisations frequently using DIG labelled probes and getting
> good results but this is the first case where I encountered such type
> of problem.Please suggest what to do next

Well if you have done it successfully before, I'm not sure what could cause
the problem. Maybe you could check the labeling efficiency of your probe.

> Further I want to know
> clearly what u mean if it is a suicedal vector.

Suicide. I do hope it doesn't feel suicidal. That's a vector which has an
origin of replication that does not work in the target organism, and
therefore must integrate into the chromosome to yield resistant colonies.

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